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How I Chose a PhD in Health Sciences...and Why?
David Fleenor

How I Chose a PhD in Health Sciences...and Why?

Are you a chaplain who wants to improve your research skills and earn a doctorate? I am, but it took me a while to find the right degree. In this video, I describe how I landed on the Ph.D. in Health Sciences at Rush University and offer tips for determining if that is the right step for you. 💻 Links: David Fleenor: Rush University's Ph.D. in Health Sciences: University of South Dakota's (USD) Ph.D. in Health Sciences:,credits%20beyond%20the%20baccalaureate%20degree%3B&text=leadership,-advanced%20practice 📓 Opportunities to Learn Chaplaincy Research Transforming Chaplaincy: Chaplaincy Innovation Lab: Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health: ACPE Research Article of the Month: 🐶 Sir Casper Von Barklesby We share this YouTube channel so be sure to check out his playlist for cute videos of Chaplain Barklesby. You can also follow him on Instagram @CaspertheQT 🙏 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Follow me on LinkedIn at 🛍Swag Order the BRAND NEW Chaplain's Notebook on A great place to keep track of your notes as you make your daily rounds. It comes in lots of bright colors! 1. Aqua: 2. Orange: 3. Hot Pink: 4. Purple: 5. Yellow:

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